New Announcements For Kapow! Comic Con

Joe Quesada, Tharg the Mighty and the ever-expanding guest list

The Kapow! Comic Convention is back for a second outing in May, and this week has seen a few exciting new announcements about who and what you can see at the event.

Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer and longest serving Editor in Chief since Stan Lee (you may have heard of that guy), is making a rare UK appearance, and five lucky people who purchase a weekend or VIP ticket before the end of March could win the chance to have a good chinwag with him over lunch. As well as talking to Quesada about the inside secrets and goings on at Marvel, the chosen five can also chat with Marvel talent scout CB Cebulski.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to play Mastermind or even wanted to be an alien from Quaxxonn, Kapow! is giving you the chance to do both. To celebrate 35 years of comic book greatness there will be a 2000 AD Mastermind super-fan quiz. The fortunate contestant, drawn from the audience, could win the chance to edit an issue in the 2000 AD office and be Tharg the Mighty for the day.

Plus, writer Scott Snyder and artist Sarah Pichelli are the latest comic book talent to join the stuffed guest list. Pichelli is one of Marvel’s best current artists and is working on the X-Men: Pixie title and has also contributed to other titles such as Eternals and Runaways . Snyder is best known for his short story collection Voodoo Heart and the American Vampire series, on which he collaborated with one Stephen King. Snyder now works for DC Comics where he’s writing for both Batman and a new Swamp Thing series.

Other guests include comic book stars Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Dave Gibbons, Paul Cornell and artist Bryan Hitch, and comedians Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle. All these and more will descend upon the Business Design Centre in London on 19-20 May. Tickets are only available in advance and through the Kapow! website but make haste, true believers, as tickets for last years event sold out ahead of the event.
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