New console out today as NEO GEO X hits EU/US

The release date for the new handheld console Neo Geo X has been announced… and it’s today! That’s right, retro video game enthusiasts can relive the 1990s glory years of spending far too much money on arcade perfect versions of SNK’s games by spending almost as much money again on arcade perfect versions of SNK games.

That said, the appeal is obvious. The NEO GEO X GOLD comes with a clamshell charging dock designed to ape the visual appearance of the old Neo Geo console, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary year. The shell is slightly smaller, but otherwise pleasantly authentic… and has a nifty trick up its sleeve too. The dock features HDMI and composite out connections, enabling you to hook it up to your TV like a full console. And it also lets you plug in a fight stick…

The Gold bundle includes one revised version of the old official fight stick, again authentic in appearance, albeit with a few subtle differences. The new sticks have been built using authentic components, meaning they feel the same as the old sticks did. Connoisseurs will be pleased. You can see it in action in this official trailer:

Despite the fact that the technology itself no longer commands the kind of attention it did some 20 years ago, there’s no denying it’s an attractive gadget if you have retro (opens in new tab) gaming leanings. Not least because it features a card slot to enable it to play not only a full range of re-released classics, but also any new games that might get made (although none are confirmed). You might scoff, but a new, unofficial Neo Geo game already came out this year (opens in new tab).

The unit is on sale now from for $199/£175/€199 and includes 20 built-in games. The limited edition version will also include a Ninja Masters game card. For more information, check out the unit’s official site (opens in new tab). Or, if you just want to buy it, you should read this list of retailers (opens in new tab).

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