NBA 2K12 gets Bird/Jordan/Johnson covers

2K’s NBA 2K12 will carry three different covers, each featuring a different Hall of Famer, the company revealed this week. Distributed equally to stores throughout the US, fans will be able to choose between images of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or series regular Michael Jordan, all emerging from what appears to be a fiery protozoal haze of some description – which shows a considerable increase in Art Department budgets since the days when EA couldn’t even find a clean wall to shoot Bird and Julius Erving in front of. Outside the US, you’re stuck with the Jordan cover – but if that really burns you up, you probably know what Larry Bird looks like already.

Above: For reference, he looks more or less like this

“We are constantly focused on breaking the mold, not falling into any sort of pattern,” says Jason Argent 2K Sports’ VP of Marketing. “We wanted to make a big statement and a big departure and continue to evolve and grow this franchise.” Argent has promised further details will be available soon as to how this “big statement” might extend beyond cover art which announces that this is a game with Magic Johnson on its cover. He does offer one clue though,telling USA Today (opens in new tab)2K10’s Jordan Challenge mode was so popular that “We’ve looked at things that will continue to evolve that experience.” The game’s slated to release October 4: which cover would you prefer?

Jul 21, 2011

Source:CNN (opens in new tab)

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