The Making Of Da Vincis Demons To Air This Friday

In anticipation of the epic new series Da Vinci’s Demons come on a journey into the mind of creator David S Goyer ( The Dark Knight trilogy, Man Of Steel ) to find out what inspired him to bring the lost story of Da Vinci to life.

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This exclusive preview special will air in the UK exactly one week before the historical fantasy drama begins on FOX.

Goyer is a filmmaker who balances the extraordinary realms of superheroes and fantastical characters, with his passion for telling character-driven stories. His unique vision has resulted in some of the most high profile blockbuster feature films of recent years, including his co-written Batman Begins and its impressive sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises . In the 30-minute preview show, Goyer will explain why he was compelled to reimagine the story of the man who invented our future; what it took to recreate 15th Century Florence in the very different location of Swansea, Wales; and how his version of Da Vinci shares parallels with modern heroes of popular culture (such as Sherlock, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne).

Da Vinci’s Demons (starting Friday 19 April at 10pm on FOX) is an historical fantasy drama not for the faint-hearted. Expect sex, scandal, intrigue, murder, mystery and an exciting quest all set against the lavish back drop of 15th Century Italy. With an almost super-human level of genius, our hero Da Vinci must fight against those who wish to keep an entire nation repressed against progress and remain under tight religious control. Intelligent, fast-paced and with huge production values, Da Vinci’s Demons is everything that you would expect from one of the biggest hitters in Hollywood.

The series was shot on over 100 sets in Swansea. More than 30 of these sets, including da Vinci’s and Verrocchio’s studio, the Papal baths and the secret archives, were constructed in a 200,000 sq ft studio. The series employs a unique mix of green screen/digital work and real sets.

This international epic features an entirely UK cast and was shot on location in the UK, in one of the largest custom built sets in Europe. The series is produced by a stellar British team with Julie Gardner ( Doctor Who , Life On Mars ) and Jane Tranter ( Little Dorrit , State Of Play ) as executive producers.

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