Just Dance 3 Mario DLC has to be seen to be believed

You may choose not to recognize this fact, but Just Dance is currently one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Ubisoft’s family-friendly dancing titles have sold millions, been some of the top sellers on the Wii, and even outsold Zelda: Skyward Sword last month. When a game’s that big, it’s fitting that Just Dance 3 would be one of the rare games to get DLC on the Wii, DLC that includes Nintendo’s mascot in a download pack we bet he’d rather forget.

That video makes Mario DDR look like a happy memory. Do you see now that Just Dance is so powerful that they can get permission from Nintendo to embarrass Mario to such a degree? Ubisoft can hire some guy, dress him as Mario, stand him in front of a green screen, make him dance, and charge money for it. It costs 250 Nintendo Points, and goes on sale tomorrow on the Wii eShop. Oh well, it can’t be worse than the Smurfs’ dance game.

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