The Gunstringer getting REAL BIG SHOOTIN DLC

Twisted Pixel has announced an encore performance for The Gunstringer in the form of REAL BIG SHOOTIN’; an all-caps, gun totin’, jet-packin’, shooting gallery add-on slated to mosey into the Xbox LIVE Marketplace tomorrow.

REAL BIG SHOOTIN’ will challenge players to blast their way to Mad Dog McDog over four different levels featuring everything from “metal dudes” to giant frogs, rockets, spiders, killer bats, and, of course, flying cows. Each game will play uniquely from the last thanks to randomized enemy pools, multiplayer modes, a wide range of weaponry, and surprise gameplay variants such as inverted controls, depleting ammo, and shrinking reticules.

“When we were given the opportunity to make some add-on content for The Gunstringer we didn’t want to just make more levels. Instead, we wanted to make some cool new experiences that satisfy the deepest, most unresolved needs that all gamers secretly have,” wrote Twisted Pixel’s Dan Teasdale on The Gunstringer development blog.

REAL BIG SHOOTIN’ will be available to fulfill your deepest jet-pack cow killing fantasies tomorrow for 240 Microsoft Points. Yeeeeeeeeehaw or whatever.

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