Joseph Gordon-Levitt asked on a date by cancer sufferer


Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s 50/50, released in the UK next week, is the story of a 26-year-old man who contracts cancer and fights the disease with the help of his best friend.

It’s an impressive, funny, emotional film (opens in new tab) and we urge you to go and see it on November 25.

And it’s certainly proved to be inspirational for one young woman.

26-year-old Lindsay Miller, who was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in 2010, loved the film so much she wants to take its star out on a date.

She’s created a video to ask Gordon-Levitt out for coffee, and we hope with every fibre of our being that he sees it and says yes.

Watch the video below. We especially like the bit where Lindsay says: “Maybe you can call it my Make A Wish, but let’s not be overly dramatic…”

So let’s spread this thing far and wide across every single social network until JGL sees it.

Joseph, if you’re reading this, we know you’re a multi-millionaire and everything, but if you say yes – the coffee’s on us.

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