Jai Courtney calls Terminator: Genisys a reset

Jai Courtney has been discussing Terminator: Genisys , and says that the new film will act as a “reset” for the long-running franchise.

“I think it’s going to be really cool what they’ve done with it,” says the star. “People want to know if it’s a sequel or a reboot. A word that kind of came to me is that it’s more of a ‘reset’.”

“That’s the awesome thing about when you play with time travel. We can kind of get away with, you know, maybe we’re introduced to a world that audiences know but circumstances can change and that shifts the course of everything.”

With that in mind, Courtney suggests that the new film will be completely accessible for those who are new to the series, as well as those who are long-term Skynet fanatics…

“I don’t think it’s either or,” he says. “I think it’s, if they wanted to [ watch the previous films ] they could but I don’t think that if they hadn’t they’ll see our film and be completely lost.”

Directed by Alan Taylor and co-starring Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Clarke, Terminator: Genisys will open in the UK on 3 July 2015.

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