InFamous: Festival of Blood is the fastest-selling PSN game ever

Sony has announced that InFamous: Festival of Blood, the standalone spinoff from this year’s InFamous 2, has become the fastest-selling digital title in the history of PlayStation Network in the time since its late October launch. IGN reports (opens in new tab) that the Halloween-themed title racked up the sales more quickly than any game in the five-year history of PSN.

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Sony hasn’t yet released exact sales figures for the spooky standalone adventure, which squeezes around five hours’ playtime into a $10 package. However, you don’t get to be a platform’s fastest-selling title since 2006 by doing okay at your job. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from a game that combines the pop-culture infatuations of superheroes and the undead – particularly when it does it all well enough to pull in review scores higher than those for the original InFamous (opens in new tab). Here’s hoping future titles follow Sucker Punch’s lead, if only to see what an InFamous Holiday Special would look like.

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