Horizon Forbidden West allows Aloy to make cute friends while flying

In Horizon Forbidden West, a player has discovered Aloy can make friends with the birds while flying on her Sunwing.

Horizon Forbidden West was released on February 18 and still has fans excited months later, not only because of its stunning visuals but also its sheer attention to detail. Redditor iced327 shared a video (thanks Game Rant (opens in new tab)) of him soaring above the landscape on the back of a Sunwing. In the short 29-second video, Aloy rides with a little owl companion, which mimics the Sunwing’s movements before flying away. This seemingly isn’t a one-off occurrence either as other players have reported this happening with other birds, such as pelicans. However, it is still very endearing and a nice touch from the creators.

i_was_gliding_above_the_mountains_when_i_noticed from r/horizon

Flying has been a huge hit with Horizon Forbidden West players, as it’s a new feature that came as an exciting surprise. It has made exploration and traveling much easier, due to the size of the map. Players would like the third instalment in the series to incorporate aerial fighting mechanics and maybe even a few mid-air boss fights. Aloy can fight on her other mounts, but can’t actually fight from the back of a Sunwing yet.

Developer Guerilla has added other cool and exciting things in the game that can be discovered with some digging. For example, there are three God of War totems to be found, which unlock a face paint that gives Aloy Kratos’ iconic red Mark of War, which very much suits her fierce nature. Another fun fact is that all the machines in the game have a logo from the cauldrons they were made in. 

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