Harrison Ford confirmed to return as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII?

Harrison Ford has signed on to return to the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Episode VII , Latino Review – via Fox News – has confirmed.

Famed Latino Review scooper El Mayimbe appeared on Fox News to announce the story, saying it’s a “done deal”.

Ford famously tried to distance himself from the series when Empire Strikes Back was in production, requesting that Lucas kill off his character.

Thankfully, Ford seems to have changed his mind – unless JJ promised him the ultimate death scene to convince him to reprise his role as Chewbacca’s best mate.

Abrams and Ford have collaborated on previous projects – Abrams wrote Regarding Henry , and produced Morning Glory – but this will be the first time JJ will get to direct his childhood hero.

Latino Review has a strong record when it comes to scoops, so expect this story to develop, with Abrams, Ford and Disney making official statements. If, indeed, the story is true.

We certainly hope it is – cameos from the original trilogy’s stars will be an essential part of Abrams’ mission to bridge the gap between the original trilogy and this new series.

And who doesn’t want to see a grumpy old Solo arguing with a grey-haired Wookiee?

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