Fortnite Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne locations: Where to search ammo boxes

If all you wanted for Christmas was a festive makeover of your favourite battle royale, then you’re in luck as the island is now ready for the holidays, and as part of that there are new Fortnite Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne locations to be found. These extra Fortnite landmarks (opens in new tab) are ready to be explored, and if you want to complete a particular entry in the Fortnite Winterfest challenges (opens in new tab) then you’ll need to search two ammo boxes in any of those places, which let’s face it isn’t particularly difficult in Fortnite (opens in new tab) if you know where you’re going! With that in mind, read on and we’ll show you the Fortnite Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne locations so you can get this wrapped up.

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Fortnite Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne locations

Fortnite The Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne

(Image credit: Epic Games)

On the map above, we’ve marked the Fortnite Workshop and Shiver Inn locations, as currently the Ice Throne hasn’t been found on the island. We believe The Workshop is on the west side of Weeping Woods as the building there has had a full festive workshop makeover, but at the time of writing the landmark is still being named as Logjam Woodworks on screen. Shiver Inn is an ice hotel found in the mountains southwest of Retail Row and that is definitely appearing under that name on screen, so if you want to be sure of ticking off this challenge then head there as you’ll find plenty of ammo boxes to search. If map coordinates are more useful to you, then here they are:

  • B6 – The Workshop
  • G7 – Shiver Inn

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