Guild Wars 2 release date revealed

We’re big MMO fans here at GamesRadar, and while there’s a few great-looking MMOs coming out soon, Guild Wars 2 looks to be one of the absolutefinest (opens in new tab)of them all.

Now, developer ArenaNet has announced when we’ll be seeing this fine piece (opens in new tab) of MMO craftsmanship, and it’s quite a bit sooner than we ever imagined. Guild Wars 2 will be launching in just two short months on August 28, 2012.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t alone though. There are several high-profile MMOs (opens in new tab) coming up soon including the highly anticipated WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria and The Secret World which launches early next month.

August 28 is also an interesting date because it’s just three days before PAX Prime 2012 begins. We’re fully expecting this year’s PAX to be a veritable battleground of MMO developers competing for the attention of showgoers. In other words, the SWAG is going to be awesome this year.

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