GTA 6 probably won’t arrive before the end of 2024, claims leaker

A well-known GTA leaker has claimed that GTA 6 isn’t likely to release before the end of 2024, and also theorised that we could get a full announcement for the game before the end of this year. 

Twitter user and creator of Rockstar Mag @Chris_Klippel (opens in new tab) recently claimed (translated via Twitter): “An important step in the development of #GTA6 has just been reached. Things should speed up (internally at Rockstar).” The rest of the tweet read: “I think that a (real) announcement at the end of the year may be possible. In any case, I don’t see the game arriving before the end of 2024.”

Une étape importante dans le développement de #GTA6 viendrait d’être atteinte. Les choses devraient s’accélérer (en interne chez Rockstar). Je pense qu’une (vraie) annonce en fin d’année peut être envisageable. Dans tous les cas, je ne vois pas le jeu arriver avant fin 2024 ! 😊 11, 2022

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Although not officially linked with Rockstar, Klippel has previously leaked other intel about the upcoming GTA game as well as other info about games in the series. Previously, the Rockstar enthusiast claimed that GTA 6 “is Rockstar’s most chaotic project since its creation” due to several changes during the game’s development including its narrative, characters, setting, map, and more. 

In case you missed it, GTA 6 was reported as being in “active development” and “well underway” by Rockstar back in February of this year. The announcement was made via a Grand Theft Auto community update, but there hasn’t actually been an official trailer or really any more info about the project released since then. 

Contrary to Klippel’s claims, analysts have recently said that GTA 6 could release in 2023. Of course, neither of these sources are officially linked with Rockstar so it’s best to take both claims with a grain of salt. To be certain, we will have to wait for Rockstar to make an official announcement on GTA 6’s release date. Which, if these rumored release windows are anything to go off of, might not be for some time yet. 

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