This GTA 5 car explosion chain reaction video is utterly mesmerizing

All it takes to throw Los Santos into total societal breakdown is one little motorcycle accident. This first-person GTA 5 (opens in new tab) video shows one of the most remarkable demonstrations of cause-and-effect I’ve ever seen, virtual or otherwise, as one wreck stretches out into about four minutes of panicked, exploding commuters who decide they can probably sneak through the burning hellscape before them if they just keep their hands at 10 and 2.

My favorite part is the pedestrian who is clipped by a smart car at 1:58, gets up, narrowly avoids a second smart car, and then gets pinwheeled by a third one. He does manage to limp away eventually, and I like to think that’s him in the fourth smart car that just gets the hell out of Dodge at 3:30. I always tried to make stuff like this happen on the Las Venturas interstate, back in GTA: San Andreas. If only I knew then what the future of exploding car chain reactions held…

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