Ghost Recon Breakpoint immersive mode comes out this month

Ubisoft has announced a March 24 release date for Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s “biggest, most complex update,” which adds the long-awaited Immersive mode and ushers in the second chapter of DLC content.

Ubisoft is calling the revamped Ghost Recon Breakpoint settings The Ghost Experience, which is just one part of the massive TU 2.0.0 update. Immersive mode, in particular, was designed primarily to “to address many of the top concerns raised by our community,” writes Ubisoft in a new blog post (opens in new tab).

Chiefly, Immersive mode does away with gear score and tiered loot, elements that drew sharp criticism from fans upon release.

The game will now boot up with three modes: Regular, Immersive, and Custom. The latter seems like a way to pick and choose the settings from Immersive mode you want to incorporate into your game, with options like No Gear Level and Realistic Looting you can toggle on and off.

The Ghost Experience also separates difficult settings into two different categories: Enemies and Tactical, the latter of which is what’s new here. Tactical difficulty settings “impact the realism of your experience such as how many main weapon slots you have, bandage quantity, risk of injury, etc.”

The start of episode 2 of Ghost Recon Breakpoint DLC is also arriving in the new update, titled Deep State. The DLC adds the Engineer class, which can “deal more damage to drones, carry extra offensive items, and have a buff to grenade launchers.” The Engineer’s special ability is the Defensive Drone, which attacks nearby enemies, and the Ammo Supply Drone class tool brings allies an extra magazine.

Finally, update 2.0.0 brings a laundry list of community-requested updates and general bug fixes, which you can read all about here (opens in new tab).

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