Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Legendaries: All the bosses you can recruit to your rescue team

There’s a number of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX legendaries you’ll come up against in your time with the game, and most of them are essentially boss battles. During the main story, you’ll fight multiple legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, along with plenty more in the post-game. Here’s all the details on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX legendaries and bosses.

How to recruit legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon legendaries

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Every legendary you fight before the credits roll (Zapdos through to Rayquaza) cannot be recruited until you reach the credits. When you’ve seen the “The End” screen, you can return to fight them again and recruit them into your team.

For legendaries after this point (Kyogre through to Mewtwo), you need to defeat them once, then you can return to take them down again to recruit them. Every second fight against a legendary guarantees they will join your team, so you don’t have to hope for the random element like with standard wild Pokemon.

Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon legendaries

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The first legendaries you’ll come up against will be the three legendary birds from the original 151. Zapdos can be found at the top of Mt. Thunder, Moltres at Mt. Blaze, and Articuno at Mt. Freeze. None of these fights are too difficult, as long as you select Pokemon with type advantages; Ground-type for Zapdos, Water-type for Moltres, and Fire-type for Articuno. Go back and take them down again when you’ve beaten the main story and all three can join your team.


Groudon is at the end of Magma Cavern and again, you’ll find it during the main story. The first time you take it down it’s not particularly difficult, but when you return to recruit Groudon to your team, make sure you stack up on Water-type Pokemon and link moves together to deal the most damage possible. You’ll need a few Revive All Orbs to survive its Earthquake attack too.


This beast of the sky is the final boss of the main story, found at the very top of Sky Tower. Rayquaza isn’t too tough the first time around – just pop a Dodge All Orb if you have one to avoid Hyper Beam – then return to recruit it to your team for the second time.


After you beat the main story, the legend of the Stormy Sea will reach you. This is where you’ll find Kyogre, the opposite of Groudon. Electric and Grass-type moves will help you out here, as long as you can reach the end of the 40 floor dungeon.

Note that we’ve only reached up to this point in the game, but since it’s a remake of the original Red & Blue Rescue Team, the following legendaries should also be available to obtain along with their locations.

  • Regirock: Buried Relic
  • Regice: Buried Relic
  • Registeel: Buried Relic
  • Mew: Buried Relic
  • Latios: Northern Range
  • Latias: Southern Island
  • Entei: Fiery Field
  • Raikou: Lightning Field
  • Suicune: Northwind Field
  • Ho-Oh: Mt. Faraway
  • Jirachi: Wish Cave
  • Lugia: Silver Trench
  • Deoxys: Meteor Cave
  • Mewtwo: Western Cave

If there are any extra legendaries in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, we’ll update this guide when they’re discovered.

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