Get a year of AppleTV+ FREE with this cheap iPad deal

Early 2020 has served us up a couple of cheap iPad sales with healthy amounts of dollars shaved off price tags, but Best Buy have now upped the ante on their price cuts for the latest model. Not only have they maintained their excellent discount of $80 on the 32GB tablet, bringing it down to $249.99 (opens in new tab), but now you will get a whole year’s worth of AppleTV+ for FREE.

The price of the iPad alone is a great deal, but getting a whole year of (potentially) the next biggest thing in TV streaming for nothing? Absolutely, yes please. As a result, this means this is also one of the best cheap Apple TV deals (opens in new tab) going right now too! The discount is also consistent across all color-schemes (Space Gray (opens in new tab), Silver (opens in new tab), and Gold (opens in new tab)), meaning you can still save money regardless of which design tickles your fancy.

Cheap iPad deal

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iPad 32GB (Space Gray) + 1 year of AppleTV+ FREE| $249.99 on Best Buy (save $80) (opens in new tab)
The latest version of iPad for $80 less than its usual price is a bargain. This deal’s for the Space Gray 32GB version.

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iPad 32GB (Silver) + 1 year of AppleTV+ FREE| $249.99 on Best Buy (save $80) (opens in new tab)
Pick up the latest model of iPad in cool Silver via this offer – at $80 less than normal, it’s great value for money.

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iPad 32GB (Gold) + 1 year of AppleTV+ FREE | $249.99 on Best Buy (save $80) (opens in new tab)
And here’s the gold version of the tablet, with that TV deal, for the same bargain price.

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Although the version in this cheap iPad sale only has 32GB of internal memory, that’s more than enough to be going on with if you’re just browsing the internet and downloading the occasional movie or game. What’s more, the low price makes up for it – this is one of the cheapest modern iPads you’ll get your hands on. Don’t forget about that gorgeously crisp display, either; it makes sure your games and shows will look their best at all times.

And what’s more, that free year of AppleTV+ is a real deal enhancer. Apple is invested heavily in TV production, bringing a number of exclusive shows to its service, featuring big names such as Jason Momoa and Jennifer Aniston. Between this, and the launch of Disney+ – learn more about a Disney Plus sign-up (opens in new tab) here – it’s an exciting time to be stepping into the streaming world.

Even though a cheap iPad sale is always worth considering, this one is particularly notable; the latest version is a strong contender for the best gaming tablet (opens in new tab) on the market right now, and one of the versions has been near the top of our buying guide for quite some time. 

If you’d prefer something a little smaller, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best gaming phone (opens in new tab). It’s crammed with recommendations and offers to get you maximum value for money on the latest, hottest handheld tech. 

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