This Fable 4 leak says that Albion is gone, there are different planets, and seriously what the hell

Well, it’s almost official folks: this Fable 4 leak is out in the wild, and pretty much confirms that we’re about to get a sequel to Fable 3. But boy, does it sound different to anything that’s come before. For a start Fable 4 (opens in new tab) doesn’t even take place on Albion, as apparently the whole continent is gone thanks to a Mad King having taken control of a rebuilt Spire. 

For those who might not remember, the Spire was the centre of Fable 2 and gave the person who controlled it one wish. This time around someone ended up getting control of the Spire and they used it to destroy the planet with an asteroid, meaning that Theresa and the Guild of heroes are now on a different planet which is accessed via a demon door. Just glance below for all of the details, grabbed on Reddit (opens in new tab)

Rumor: first Fable IV details have been leaked (includes story details as well) 4, 2019

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Fable 4 sounds radically different from any of the other games that came before. It has different planets and time travel, but although those two details might sound like a big change the medieval setting hints at a return to the series’ roots after the modern industrialisation of Fable 3 (opens in new tab)

Get ready to rejoice though, as this Fable 4 leak implies that multiplayer has finally made it into the game! Perhaps Fable will turn into the medieval fantasy equivalent of Borderlands 3 (opens in new tab), made just as much for multiplayer as single player. Getting rid of guns will likely also address a common criticism of the previous games which said that past a certain point the combat was simply too easy, as the gun reticle auto-aim pretty much gifted you a headshot for every single bullet. 

Being able to build towns sounds like the natural progression of the house-buying and renting system of previous games, as well as the in-depth economy that allowed you to watch the market and sell items in bulk for a nice tidy profit. Overall, although the setting is wildly different from anything Fable has done before, the systems do sound semi familiar. Now we just have to wait until the E3 2019 games (opens in new tab) get officially announced to hear more about it… 

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