Elden Ring player shares tactic for destroying NPC invaders

One savvy Elden Ring player has discovered a way to beat NPC invaders at their own game.

Anyone who’s wandered, even briefly, into Elden Ring’s vast and deadly open world The Lands Between, will undoubtedly have run into an NPC invader.

These glowing red folk are deadly and can swiftly put an end to any unsuspecting Tarnished with aspirations of becoming an Elden Lord. Fortunately, Reddit user Elden_Ring_Guides has shared a brilliant and brutal way to fight back against these unwelcome guests.

Posted on the game’s subreddit, the video titled “How to absolutely bully NPC invaders” shows the player sprint to NPC invader Mad Tongue Alberich’s spawn point. Once there, they start rapidly swinging their flail to take out the troublesome enemy before they’ve even had a chance to move, let alone cause any damage.

The video helpfully outlines exactly what to do if you want to give it a go. To try it out, you’ll have to find yourself a flail, a weapon you can find in the game’s opening area. Simply follow the main path to the Gatefront Ruins. Look behind this, and you’ll see some carriages – one of these houses a chest containing the weapon you’ll need.

The flail is a solid weapon choice for the early hours of Elden Ring, and you’ll need a mix of Strength and Dexterity to wield it. Judging by how quickly poor Mad Tongue Alberich was despatched, its high-speed swings are a fast and effective strategy against tricky foes.

This isn’t the only Elden Ring entertainment being offered up by Reddit users. We also recently saw an Elden Ring player inadvertently become Darth Maul with a brilliant weapon combo.

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