Doctor Who gets added to Fortnite via Creative mode

Doctor Who is the latest series to be given a Fortnite make-over.

BBC Studios has announced that the Tardis will be touching down in Epic Games’ popular battle-royale blaster. 

According to a post on DoctorWho.TV (opens in new tab), a brand-new Doctor Who-inspired island, will offer battles, missions and adventures in iconic locations from the Whoniverse. The story goes that a strange Reality Virus has caused the Tardis to appear on the island, and players will have to patch it up by locating parts to repair the Dynamorphic generators.

The Doctor Who themed content isn’t part of an official collaboration with Epic Games but is instead offered as part of the game’s Creative mode. But given that Fortnite has characters from practically every other series on the planet, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some Doctor Who skins added to the Fortnite store at some point in the future. Leaked images suggest that iconic Assassin’s Creed hero Ezio could be sneaking into Fortnite next.

If you want to get in on the Doctor Who Fortnite action, you’ll need to enter Island Code 3610-1396-4646 to play.

This is far from Doctor Who’s first video game outing. The most recent outing is last year’s Edge of Reality, which saw players join up with Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation of the Time-Lord to take on a collection of historic (and modern) foes in a classic Whoniverse-level threat to save the world. Back in 2019, The Edge of Time saw players hunting for the tenth doctor’s belongings in a VR adventure.

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