Call of Duty Warzones Rebirth Island is getting a “facelift” next week

Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Rebirth Island is getting a “facelift” next week, Activision has announced.

Over on Twitter, Raven Software shared the title card for what’s being called Call of Duty Warzone: Rebirth Reinforced. The image shows the title of the update in front of a map of Rebirth Island with some pictures tacked to it. There’s also a gun and some ammo laying on top of the map. “Reloaded and Reinforced, next week Rebirth Island gets a facelift,” reads the tweet from Raven.

If you look closely, the map seems to be teasing a few of the updates coming to the Rebirth Island map change. Check it out:

☣️ Reloaded and Reinforced, next week Rebirth Island gets a facelift.@BeenoxCODPC are you ready to drop in? 18, 2022

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It doesn’t take a monocle to see that the updated Rebirth Island seems to have changed the security area to a stronghold, and it looks like there are a couple of ships at the docks. Other than that, it’ll remain a mystery exactly what’s being changed until the map refresh launches at an unspecified point next week.

Rebirth Island launched back in December of 2020 as part of Call of Duty Warzone’s first season of Black Ops Cold War content, and it’s largely lived on unchanged in the time since. Rebirth Reinforced will be the first major update to the smaller of the two Warzone maps currently featured in the game. And if you want to learn more about the update, here GamesRadar’s Josh West argues that the big changes are so long-overdue that Rebirth Island Reinforced is going to make or break Warzone for him.

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