This Divinity: Original Sin board game has so many cards and tokens its kind of incredible

A Divinity: Original Sin board game is coming, and it is just about as sprawling and intricate as the huge fantasy product you’re picturing in your head right now. A Kickstarter for the project (opens in new tab) from Larian Studios and board game company Lynnvander Studios went live today and has already blown well past its goal of $160,000 – though that just means it’s time to get to work on the announced stretch goals that go all the way up to $500,000. To be fair, the minimum pledge to get a copy of the game is $120.

The board game is built to be a cooperative adventure for up to four players, each of whom can select a playable character from the video game or a new hero created for its cardboard counterpart. While Divinity has a lot in common with the best tabletop RPGs (opens in new tab) like D&D, this game requires no set Dungeon Master role. Instead, players make their way through a choose-your-own-adventure style encounter book, laying out scenarios as the book mandates. 

The board game even attempts to replicate the Divinity series’ free-wheeling role playing and combat, with tons of choices to make throughout the campaign and even more ways to upgrade your character. There are 847 standard cards just in the base game, spread across locations, skills, items, enemies and more, as well as special six-sided dice and 270 tokens for tracking talents, combat, and crafting. Oh, there are miniatures for the heroes and significant monsters as well, with even more to come if a number of stretch goal tiers are reached.

It’s a lot. But watching the demonstration video above (it’s not all Fantasy Skit, they start playing the game a few minutes in) it looks like it could be the manageable kind of “a lot”, just like the video game. According to the Kickstarter campaign, the final copies of the board game are set to start shipping out in October of next year – that should give you some time to work your way through our list of the best board games (opens in new tab) first.

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