Dirt 5 online multiplayer, party modes, cross gen details and more

 In a new PlayStation blog post, social and community manager for Codemasters, Chris Groves, has shared all the details about Dirt 5’s online multiplayer, party modes and cross-generation. Let’s get into it.

Previous titles in the Dirt franchise are known for their many racing modes, and this time Codemasters have created a host of unique arenas for each of their new objective-based Party modes. 

The first mode is ‘Vampire’, which was originally shown at the end of the Playgrounds trailer in August and was featured during Outbreak in Dirt 3. Vampire events begin with one Vampire car, whose task is to hunt down other drivers, make contact with them and turn them into Vampires too. Those who aren’t Vampires must use their racing skills to evade the others to win.

‘King’ puts a spin on a traditional multiplayer event, with each player battling to hold the crown for as long as they can. Coming into contact with other cars will pass the crown over to them. Racers will be able to earn points whenever they hold the crown and the King will leave a trail of coins for drivers to pick up as they’re chased down. 

The third and final Party mode is ‘Transporter’. The aim for Transporter is all about capturing, defending and evading to score a win. Each player must capture an object and transport it to a specific location while avoiding other drivers, successfully completing the task will earn you points. Holding onto the object longer before delivering it to the location will also score you more points.

Dirt 5’s online multiplayer will include 10 locations, with a huge variety of car classes including Classic Rally, Pre Runners, Cross Raid, Rally Cross and more. All multiplayer modes in Dirt 5 are 12-player events for both online play and party mode arenas. Competing in any multiplayer events in Dirt 5 will also earn you currency to spend on new cars and other personalisation items such as player cards, lanyards, and stickers. 

Private lobbies are also a planned addition after the launch of Dirt 5 as the developers will assess the performance and feedback on multiplayer racing. 

Dirt 5 will arrive on the PS5 release date on November 12 and PS4 on November 6. Codemasters have now revealed that online multiplayer will be also cross-generational, so you will be able to play on PS5 while a friend can play on their PS4.

For more, be sure to check out our hands-on preview of Dirt 5. 

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