Lost Girl 3.04 Fae-de To Black REVIEW

Lost Girl 3.04 “Fae-de To Black” TV REVIEW

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Episode 3.04
Written by: Alexandra Zarowny
Directed by: Ron Murphy

THE ONE WHERE Bo goes undercover as a therapist to find out why humans are committing suicide in strange ways – and her mission becomes desperate when Dyson becomes affected as well. Meanwhile, Kenzi has an armful of problems…

VERDICT Gifted with the season’s most pun-tastic title to date (groan), this episode isn’t quite as barnstorming as its predecessors. As always, there are jokes, sexual shenanigans and Fae weirdness aplenty, but the hit rate is nowhere near as high as usual. However, the last few seconds definitely make an impact, as we get to see what nastiness Kenzi has been scratching at on her arm (clue: it’s gross) and then, with no warning, she’s swiped by something unseen. Cliffhanger heaven!

“Fae-de To Black” also has a lot of fun making digs at alternative therapies – perhaps the writer was venting some New Age rage? It’s set in a clinic so hippy-dippy it even has mermaid paintings on the walls. The receptionist is a Fae obsessed with yoga, the lead Doctor is a hypnotist who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, and Bo is able to walk into the clinic with a fake diploma and get work straight away (much to Lauren’s annoyance, her being a real doctor who’s worked hard all her life – we can see her point). Best of all is the clinic’s noticeboard:

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See the final two? One’s a fish, one’s a cat. Gotta love the idea of the fish being a specialist in “Holistic sand play”.

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FAE OF THE DAY A Rakshasa who feeds off the adrenaline surges humans suffer when they’re about to die. The creature is cunningly disguised as a cat called Dr Bob. Incidentally, the fact we don’t see the Rakshasa in its true form, only its shadow looming over Tamsin, is a nice touch – we know it was just to save money, but it’s handled very well (and amusingly).

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LOVE TRIANGLE LATEST Lauren and Bo are all over each other again (kudos to the sexy opening montage, which is all kinds of erotic). However, Bo then cheats on Lauren with Dyson. Gasp! Don’t go getting all judgey, however, because Bo was dying and merely used him for a healing feed. Sadly, she has no idea that Dyson has his feelings for her back again… which means Dyson’s little sad-face when she skips off back to her girlfriend is a real heartstring-twanger.

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KISS COUNT Bo and Lauren, as usual, but, as mentioned above, she also feeds from Dyson, then later feeds him to cure him of the Rakshasa’s spell. She also uses her powers to interrogate a Doctor, save the life of a patient and help a couple get over their problems with one another by making them hornier than a rhino on Viagra. That’s more succubus action than we’ve seen from her all season.

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BFF VERSUS MAIN SQUEEZE Hmm. Last week Kenzi and Lauren were enemies, but this week Kenzi dismisses the hate as though it never happened, saying she was finally impressed by Lauren’s scientific skills. So she spent two seasons failing to notice them? Fickle creature.

WELL, THAT’S EMBARRASSING… Dyson can’t use his wolf senses to smell Fae over the chemicals that are contained in household cat litter. This prompts Bo to observe, “Seriously? Your Kryptonite is kitty litter?”

WHO’S THE BOSS? Wow, Hale is turning over a new Ash leaf, going from barely having time to talk to Kenzi to finally cutting her out of his life entirely so he can concentrate on his duties… with a security guard keeping her away, no less! Is he shaping up to be a new Big Bad? Without Kenzi to ground him, he could well forget where he’s come from…

GRIFFIN-DUH Dyson’s childhood dream is of turning into a griffin, hence him ending up on the top of a building about to take a swandive. Obviously kids are weird creatures and we don’t know exactly which memory the Rakshasa has ignited, but a wolf wanting to be a griffin seems daft in the extreme. Wouldn’t an eagle have been a little cooler? Also, repeating the same “suicide leap” from earlier in the episode seems a little uninspired. Oh well.

NAKED AGAIN Dyson removes his shirt for the umpteenth time. He’s seriously challenging True Blood ’s Jason Stackhouse and the Salvatore brothers on The Vampire Diaries as “TV’s most gratuitously shirtless man”. On the plus side, it’s all worth it because as he strips off, Tamsin tells him: “Okay, I’m warning you. Do not unwrap the wang.”

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NOT-THOUGHT-THROUGH-PLAN-OF-THE-WEEK Bo saves the life of a guy having an asthma attack by feeding him her energy. Unfortunately, she then passes out on his chest, thus preventing him from breathing. She was lucky he didn’t start suffocating again.

Bo: “Why is everything always about sex?”
Kenzi: “Er… Wonder-Snatch. Hi, have we met?”


Bo: “I am monogamous.”
Dyson: “No, you’re a succubus .”

Jayne Nelson

Lost Girl season three will air in the UK on Syfy later in the year

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