Destiny 2: Shadowkeep raid trailer promises that only “the worthy will triumph”

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (opens in new tab), Bungie’s latest expansion to its shared world shooter sequel from 2107, is officially out and in Guardians’ hands this week, but the real meat of the paid DLC – its new raid – isn’t opening its doors until the weekend, Saturday, October 5 at 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BST. 

In the meantime, Bungie has released a 30 second teaser trailer for the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid (opens in new tab), officially titled “Garden of Salvation”, revealing the first footage of its contents in action. Check it out in the video below. 

While refusing to give away much in terms of story or gameplay details, we do know that the Garden of Salvation will take Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) players back to The Black Garden zone that first featured in the original Destiny (opens in new tab) all the way back in 2014. 

Teams of six will be able to enter the raid and take on hordes of Vex enemies, several unique bosses, and a number of classic Bungie puzzles, platforming challenges, and more, with the race to world first being streamed around the world from Saturday onwards. 

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There’s no doubt that the winning Fireteam who beat the raid before anyone else will receive some form of recognition, not least in the form of physical belt trophies (opens in new tab) officially made by Bungie itself, but who knows when that threshold could be reached? 

Previous Destiny 2 raids have taken days for players to conquer, and this latest one could well be the most challenging of the bunch. That said, Bungie has promised that those who complete Garden of Salvation within the first 24 hours will unlock access to exclusive in-game emblem, while anyone who beats it before October 15 can purchase an exclusive raid jacket on Bungie’s store. 

In short, it’s all to play for in Year 3 of Destiny 2, and Bungie has even set up a dedicated Twitch page (opens in new tab) for onlookers to watch the race to world first in real time this weekend. Best of luck out there, Guardians. 

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