Destiny 2 Agers Scepter – How to complete the A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest and get the Exotic Catalyst

Player can now get their hands on the Agers Scepter Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle by completing the ‘A Hollow Coronation’ and can unlock and upgrade the new catalyst in Astral Alignment. You’ll need to pick up A Hollow Coronation from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the HELM. It’ll task you with finding more Atlas Skews, running Astral Alignment several times, and completing three Strikes, then you’ll eventually get access to a special mission where you can finally wield Agers Scepter in all its cold, icy glory. If you want to make it even better than it already is, you’ll need to acquire the Exotic Catalyst for it and then upgrade it to unlock its full potential. If you still need to get Agers Scepter and its catalyst, we’ve got you covered with every step in the A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest.

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How to complete A Hollow Coronation to get Destiny 2 Agers Scepter

Destiny 2 season of the lost tracing the stars 3 atlas skew

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Before you can grab the Exotic quest from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the HELM, you need to have already completed Tracing the Stars 1-3. These quests task you with exploring certain areas of the Dreaming City in search of Atlas Skews. You can get Tracing the Stars quests from the HELM compass, so if you haven’t done these already, use the guides listed below to help you find all the Atlas Skews.

After completing those, you’ll be able to pick up the A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest from the HELM Compass. It’s a 12-step quest, but we’ve grouped some of them together.

Destiny 2 season of the lost exotic stasis trace rifle agers scepter exotic quest a hollow coronation

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How to get the Agers Scepter Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle

1. Find Atlas Skews in the Dreaming City Confluence

destiny 2 season of the lost a hollow coronation exotic quest atlas skews

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The first step after picking up the quest is to speak to Mara Sov. You can find her in her usual place through the Awoken portal in the HELM. She’ll give you the locations of the final five Atlas Skews which are all located in the Confluence area of the Dreaming City. This area is quite difficult to get to in that it has three hidden entrances, but once you’re there the Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation Atlas Skews are very easy to find. You can get to the Confluence by dropping off a bridge in front of the orrery tower in the Spine of Ceres to find a rocky path that leads to a cave with a portal inside. The Confluence Atlas Skew locations are:

  • Harbinger Cathedral
  • Confluence Tree Triad
  • Confluence Throne Portal
  • Confluence Giant Crystal
  • Garden Entry Statue

2. Activate the Atlas Terminal in the Gatehouse

Destiny 2 season of the lost exotic stasis trace rifle agers scepter exotic quest caliburn gatehouse bungie image

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As with the Tracing the Stars quests, once you’ve collected all the Atlas Skews, you need to head into the A Hollow Coronation quest mission. The node for this mission is on the HELM map screen. Head into the gatehouse, deposit your skews at the rightmost terminal, and listen to Prince Uldren’s final story. You’ll then be able to go through the portal in the middle of all the Atlas Terminals. You’ll emerge into the Dozmary Vault and will find Agers Scepter lying on a table. Unfortunately, it’s trapped under a forcefield, and you’ll need a special Noble Seal to bring it down. Head back to Mara and she’ll give you the next step on your quest to get the seal.

3. Earn Parallax Trajectory, defeat Astral Alignment enemies with rifles

Destiny 2 season of the lost astral alignment vex mythoclast

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For this step, you need to gather 100 Parallax Trajectory and defeat enemies with rifles in the Astral Alignment activity in Season of the Lost. There are quite a few ways of getting Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2, but the easiest way is to complete Strikes. With enough upgrades on your Wayfinder’s Compass, you should be able to get more than enough from completing just one Strike.

For the Astral Alignment rifle kills, the exact amount is difficult to know since it’s listed as a percentage, but it is quite a lot. Also, it seems that any weapon type with “rifle” in the name counts for this objective, so Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles, Trace Rifles, and Sniper Rifles are what you’ll need to use. Try and get one of these weapons in each of your slots to get this done in as few runs as possible.

4. Defeat Champions and get Super kills in Astral Alignment

Destiny 2 season of the lost astral alignment paracausal batteries encounter bungie image

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Now you need to keep going with Astral Alignment to defeat 18 Champions and get 20 kills with Super abilities. Astral Alignment has loads of Champions popping up in each encounter, and you only need to contribute to defeating a Champion for it to count. You’ll probably need at least two runs to complete this objective.

For the Super kills, this can be done quite easily in one Astral Alignment run because of how many enemies there are. You need to use a roaming Super that’s capable of defeating lots of enemies quickly. Stormtrance and Nova Warp for Warlocks, Hammer of Sol and Fists of Havoc for Titans, and Spectral Blades and Arc Staff for Hunters are all great Super picks for this objective. Make sure you place and use Rally Banners at each encounter to fully charge your Super.

5. Complete Strikes to gather Strands of Nobility

Destiny 2 Beyond Light the Glassway Strike Belmon Vex Hydra final boss

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For this step you need to complete three particular Strikes to get Strands of Nobility for Mara so that she can make the Noble Seal. The Strikes are Lake of Shadows on the EDZ, The Disgraced in the Cosmodrome, and The Glassway on Europa. You can just select the relevant Strike nodes on the destination maps – do not go into the Strike playlist and hope you get these Strikes.

6. Collect the Noble Seal and claim Agers Scepter

Destiny 2 season of the lost exotic stasis trace rifle agers scepter exotic quest noble seal

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You now have all you need for the Noble Seal. Return to Mara so that she can give it to you, but make sure you have a free inventory space in your kinetic weapon slot to hold it. With the seal, you can now head into the A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest mission to finally claim Agers Scepter from the Dozmary Vault.

7. Defeat Kelgorath, Risen from Bones

Destiny 2 season of the lost exotic stasis trace rifle agers scepter exotic quest kelgorath hive knight boss fight

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With Agers Scepter equipped, you’ll need to break out of the vault by destroying a shiny rock wall with the weapon. These walls also block secrets mysteries in the Shattered Realm, so keep your Destiny 2 Agers Scepter handy when running the Shattered Realm.

Once you’ve broken out the vault, you’ll immediately arrive in a boss arena and must defeat Kelgorath, Risen from Bones, a giant Hive Knight with lots of Hive minions to help. Luckily, your Agers Scepter gets near-unlimited ammo for this mission with regular refills, so you can properly test it against a variety of enemy types. There aren’t any mechanics to this boss fight either – just destroy Kelgorath to end the mission.

8. Return to Mara

Destiny 2 season of the lost mara sov and crow bungie image

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While you already have Agers Scepter, to complete the A Hollow Coronation quest, you need to return to Mara one last time for a debrief and the finale of Ager and Rega’s story.

Agers Scepter is an excellent new addition to the Exotic weapon armory in Destiny 2. Defeating an enemy with it creates a slowing burst around them which can freeze nearby enemies if they are hit by multiple blasts. It pairs very well with Stasis Subclasses and can even benefit from certain Aspects and Fragment. However, to make it even better with a very unique bonus perk that consumes your Super, you’ll need to get its Exotic Catalyst.

How to get the Agers Scepter Exotic Catalyst and what it does

How to get the Agers Scepter Exotic Catalyst and what it does

destiny 2 season of the lost agers scepter exotic weapon exotic catalyst astral alignment

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This Exotic Catalyst drops from the loot chests in Astral Alignment. Bear in mind you need to pay up to 150 Parallax Trajectory to open the Wayfinder’s Trove chest so make sure you have enough of that currency when you run Astral Alignment. The drop rate appears to be quite high, so you should be awarded the Ager’s Scepter catalyst in your first few runs of Astral Alignment. Once you’ve got it, it’ll be slotted onto the weapon, but you’ll need to upgrade the catalyst to masterwork it and unlock the bonus weapon perk.

destiny 2 season of the lost agers scepter exotic weapon exotic catalyst astral alignment

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Like most other catalyst, the Agers Scepter Exotic Catalyst requires players to get a lot of kills using the weapon. For this one you’ll need 1,000 kills, which is a lot compared to the usual 500 kill, but there are several thing you can do to reduce the amount of kills needed. First of all, precision kills with Ager’s Scepter count as more than one kill. Secondly, destroying Illusory Barriers in the Shattered Realm will also grant additional catalyst progress.

Once you’ve completed the catalyst, Ager’s Scepter will be masterworked, meaning multikills with the weapon will generate Orbs of Power, and you’ll unlock the ‘Will Given Form’ catalyst perk. With this perk, you’ll be able to literally supercharge Ager’s Scepter by holding the reload button to begin consuming your Super energy to boost the damage of the Stasis beam and overflow the magazine. While in this state, the beam will slow and freeze enemies on contact too. This perk can only be activated when your Super is fully charged and will stop when you reload or stow Ager’s Scepter, or when your Super energy runs out.

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