Dead Rising movie trailer has Frank West and a sledgesaw

If you were afraid that the Dead Rising movie would be a by-the-numbers zombie flick devoid of the campy, quirky charm of its source material, I’ve got a new trailer for you. This minute-and-a-half long look at Dead Rising: Watchtower features a Sledgesaw, a Servbot shirt, and a cameo from a certain investigative journalist.

The film takes place amidst a zombie outbreak apparently triggered by some ineffective Zombrex – y’know, that drug you have to take every 24 hours to keep from turning into a zombie. From there the situation rapidly devolves, but at least Frank West isn’t stuck in the middle this time.

Although, to be honest, Rob Riggle’s take on the semi-sleazy reporter is so spot-on that I kind of wish he was out there smashing zombies again. The new protagonist played by Jesse Metcalfe probably hasn’t even covered wars, even if he is similarly scoop driven.

The feature-length film is set to debut on March 27 on ad-supported streaming service Crackle.

(And your ears aren’t deceiving you, fellow Cowboy Bebop fans, that is definitely ‘Memory’ (opens in new tab) playing over the Zombrex TV commercial. Kind of an odd choice.)

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