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Dead Rising movie trailer has Frank West and a sledgesaw

If you were afraid that the Dead Rising movie would be a by-the-numbers zombie flick devoid of the campy, quirky charm of its source material, I’ve got a new trailer for you. This minute-and-a-half long look at Dead Rising: Watchtower features a Sledgesaw, a Servbot shirt, and a cameo from …

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Gamings worst AI companions

Artificial Unintelligence AI companions tend to come in a couple different flavors. There’s the true companions, versatile and interesting characters who really add something to the experience, like Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite or Alyx from Half-Life 2. Next are the harmless annoyances, who aren’t great to have around but don’t …

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9 enemies were tired of killing

You again!?! Lets just get this out of the way: We love video games. Theyre fun, challenging, and have even stirred our emotions from time to time. That said, as weve noted before, were a little tired of being murderers in games, particularly when its the same type of dude …

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