T-Pain announces his new religion in Crusader Kings 3 advert

Crusader Kings 3 has two new adverts, inexplicably starring rapper T-Pain.

Musician T-Pain talks Crusader Kings 3 in what might be the most bizarre video game adverts since Sony’s promotion of the original PlayStation. The two videos are promotional material for Crusader Kings 3’s addition to Xbox Game Pass. 

In the first trailer, titled “A New Religion”, the award-winning artist announces that he’s starting his own religion in the game. Modestly describing himself as “a freaking paragon of virtue” and “a medieval genius”, he sets out to create a whole new faith.

Christening this new religion, “Bootyism”, T-Pain excitedly proclaims that it’s going to be a “liberal and forward-thinking religion, a church for the people that’s going to benefit everybody”. But as the video below shows, not everyone is happy with T-Pain’s new doctrine.

And the weirdness doesn’t stop there. In the second advert (opens in new tab), the musician guides us through the creation of his “Holy Booty Empire”, where he starts out with ideals of rewriting history by being a fair and just ruler, providing education for everyone and keeping taxes low. But it’s not long before there’s an assignation attempt on emperor T-Pain thwarting his attempts to reign peacefully. Things go from bad to worse as he demonstrates what can happen when diplomacy goes very wrong.

Crusader Kings 3’s PS5 and Xbox Series X release date is set for March 29, and it’s launching with a controller-friendly interface for consoles.

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