Bungie lowers Destiny 2: The Black Armory Lost Forge power requirements following player backlash

Destiny 2: The Black Armory (opens in new tab) is finally out in the wild, but most players haven’t been able to truly experience it yet. At the moment, it seems to be open only to the most hardcore players: the power level on the DLC’s main attraction, the Lost Forge horde mode, is much higher than the pre-DLC cap of 600. The Forges start at 610 power and scale up to 630, meaning many players need to grind their power up before they can properly play The Black Armory. Player backlash (opens in new tab) ensued, with many upset that this exact situation came up during the Warmind DLC with its Escalation Protocol horde mode. Happily, in a hotfix applied today, Bungie lowered the power requirement on the Lost Forges. 

“We have just delivered a server-side update to reduce the power requirements for all the encounters in the Lost Forges by five,” Bungie said in a blog post (opens in new tab). “We fully acknowledge that this is a small move, but it is the one that we can make today. This is not the full extent of the changes to the player experience that we are investigating, but it should give Guardians at 600 power a better chance at completing the activity.”

Bungie acknowledged that “some players at 600 power have been unable to dive in and beat the final boss without grinding for new power first,” and that this is not the experience it wanted to create with The Black Armory. The studio also said it will provide more details on “how you can catch up and acquire the power you need to join the quests to recover these Lost Forges” this week, which will hopefully address The Black Armory’s other stumbling block. 

We spoke to Bungie about the future of Destiny 2 DLC and the structure of its annual pass (opens in new tab).  

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