Apex Legends Crypto character guide: Here to break the game…

We were first introduced to Apex Legends Crypto with the launch of Season 3 back in October 2019, and they were the third character to join the roster in Apex Legends (opens in new tab) alongside previous additions of speed demon Octane and the electrical Wattson. If you like to keep yourself and your teammates in the know about enemy positions and what they’re up to, then Bloodhound may have been your hero of choice, but believe us when we say that Apex Legends Crypto is a hundred times better at that role, so read on for all the details you need.

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Apex Legends Crypto ultimate & abilities explained

Apex Legends Crypto

(Image credit: EA)

If Crypto had a middle name, it most certainly would be ‘recon’. With him around, your team is in a good position to know where the enemy is. His Surveillance Drone is also his tactical ability, which can be deployed and flown up to 200 meters away from Crypto. This can leave Crypto vulnerable if done incorrectly, or if your team is nowhere to be seen, but can be useful in exploring supply bins, buildings and even pinging enemy locations. 

What makes his recon abilities so much more powerful than Bloodhound’s is Crypto’s passive, Neurolink. With Neurolink, Crypto’s team is able to see every little thing that the surveillance drone pings, giving your team the advantage in fights if the enemy tries to lose line of sight. 

As for Crypto’s ultimate, Drone EMP, it’s exactly what it sounds. Using your Drone, Crypto is able to charge his Drone to unleash a shockwave of energy that deals 50 shield damage, disables traps and slows players down. The only downside to this is that Crypto’s Drone is very loud and can be shot down, so you’ll have to use it carefully. It’s situational, but if used correctly, it can be deadly for enemy teams.

How to play Crypto in Apex Legends – Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends Crypto

(Image credit: EA)
  • Pair your ultimates with Gibraltar or Bangalore – Your ultimate works well by itself, sure, but it’s best used with an airstrike from Gibraltar or Bangalore. We would suggest Gibraltar over Bangalore’s, solely because Gibraltar’s ultimate is a lot faster and can deal the most damage paired with Crypto’s ultimate.
  • Look at the banners with Crypto’s Drone – You’ll often see banners scattered around the map, if you look at them through your drone you’ll see if there are any enemy squads within the 200 meter radius. This will give you time to plan accordingly.
  • Use your Drone carefully – Crypto’s Drone is practically his lifeline. If he doesn’t have his Drone readily available, Crypto is just a character with no abilities. With that in mind, use your Drone as stealthily as you possibly can.
  • Alternatively, use your Drone as a distraction – If you don’t mind not having your Drone for 40 seconds, you can use the Drone as a distraction for the enemy team to shoot at while you and your team close in and send the enemy packing.

How does Crypto’s hitbox compare to other Legends?

Crypto’s hitbox isn’t as big as Gibraltar’s or Caustic’s, but neither is it as small as Wraith’s or Lifeline’s. His hitbox is around about the same size as Mirage’s and Bangalore’s, meaning he doesn’t have the passive of Fortified or Low Profile.

Crypto voice actor – Johnny Young

Johnny Young is the voice behind the mysterious hacker, Crypto. Young has appeared in a few video games, such as Overwatch’s Dae-Hyun and World War Z’s Sho, but is a more prominent feature in TV series’ and movies like Ayla and Everyday Lies.

Check out Crypto, just make sure that your security software is up to scratch first. Better safe than sorry!

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