Anne Hathaway defends her Dark Knight Rises outfit

Anne Hathaway has spoken out about the criticism levelled at her Catwoman costume in the film The Dark Knight Rises .

The first official image of her riding the Bat-pod was released last week (see above) and fans showed disappointment – to put it mildly – at her character’s look.

However, Hathaway said they shouldn’t judge the movie based on early images.

“It’s disappointing. I think everyone feels a slight frustration with it because those stills undercut the work that’s being done,” she told during interviews for her movie One Day .

“It’s Chris Nolan; even the picture that he released of me, that’s not everything. That’s like a tenth of what the catsuit is. And I’ve got to say, I find it frustrating and I know he finds it frustrating, but I also think he’s having fun with it, kind of like spooning out secrets. He has a lot more control than you think.”

Hathaway also said that the bad press wasn’t making people nervous on set.

“Wait till you see this movie. Chris is doing insane things in it. And it’s gonna be marvellous and it’s gonna be way beyond what anyone imagines that it could be. You can’t imagine the things that he’s doing, at least I couldn’t until I read the script and I was like, ‘You’re really? OK, you’re going there!’” she said.

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