Alan Wakes American Nightmare gets Tarantinoesque in first Dev Diary

If the makers of Lost or Twin Peaks were to come out with a new series’ worth of storyline, released for download-only and far more action-oriented than usual, you’d want to know how this came to be (and probably be quite happy that it did). So Alan Wake, which wears its influences on its sleeve, has some ‘splainin to do regarding the shooter-flavored spinoff, American Nightmare. What’s the deal, Remedy?

So in short, Remedy is just as prone as anyone else to putting on a grindhouse DVD and yelling at the screen, and it wanted to share that enthusiasm while giving Mr. Wake another outing? Good enough for us. Due on Feb 22, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will run you 1200 MSP and, as you can see, allow you to shoot at least that many enemies…

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