3D voice chat added to DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online has just added a new feature that Sony Online Entertainment is calling “3D voice.” You don’t need a 3D TV to access the buzzword-ey feature – a fully functioning auditory system will do.

SOE CEO John Smedley explains, “What it means is people inside the game have an ability to talk as if in real life, meaning if you are physically closer to someone in the game you hear them louder and if you are farther away they are softer. And if they are far enough away you just don’t hear them.”

Along the same lines, if a character is to the left of you, his voice will be transmitted to the left side of your speaker/headset, and if he’s to the right, well, you know what stereo and surround sound are.

The technology comes from a company called Vivox, which has brought similar functionality to PC games including Second Life, APB, and Bloodlines Champions. This is the first time it has been used in a PS3 title.

It is possible to turn the new 3D voice feature off, if it starts to burden your communication, but Vivox hopes you’ll get used to it and realize that it’s an asset, not a hindrance. The company will continue to support the feature and make tweaks and updates when necessary.

[Source: USA Today (opens in new tab)]

Mar 30, 2011

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