Zombieland 2 debuts new trailer and somehow Bill Murray is in it

The long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s horror-comedy Zombieland just got a new a trailer, and it features a return from the original’s most high-profile cameo, Bill Murray. The veteran actor and pop-culture icon takes the stage for a brief sequence in the new trailer for Zombieland 2 (opens in new tab), although I should note he was very explicitly killed in one of the first film’s most memorable moments.

Considering the fact that Murray was shot in the chest during a prank-gone-wrong in Zombieland, and from what I can tell he looks a little younger in the new footage, it’s clear his scene in Zombieland 2 takes place a while before the events of the first film, likely before zombies brought the world to its knees. Still, his brief cameo and hilariously abrupt undoing are my favorite parts of Zombieland, and it’ll surely be a treat to see him back in Zombieland 2.

In an interview with our sister publication Total Film (opens in new tab), Zombieland 2 director Ruben Fleischer strongly implies Murray would be making a return to Zombieland in the sequel, and it sounds like you’ll need to wait until after the credits to catch his scene. “I share that love of Bill Murray in the first one,” says the director. “I don’t know how you could ever top that, but if someone were to stay to the finish of the film, perhaps they might see something a little special.”

The Zombieland: Double Tap – Red Band Trailer includes footage new and old of the original cast of characters and some new additions navigating a world overrun by zombies 10 years after the apocalypse. Murray’s scene is an interview with Al Roker you can catch around the 30-second mark.

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