You can start playing Code Vein right now on PS4 and Xbox One with a free demo

There’s still over three weeks to go before Code Vein finally launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but thankfully we won’t have to wait that long to start the game. A new trailer confirms that a free demo is now available for download on consoles that lets you create and customize your vampire, explore one of the game’s early areas pre-release, and gain access to the demo-exclusive version of the Depths dungeon.

Code Vein Trial Edition was unveiled with a demo announcement trailer that shows off some of the game’s beautifully haunting environments and nightmarish characters. Code Vein is frequently billed as an anime-inspired Souls-like RPG from the studio that published, not developed, Dark Souls, Bandai Namco. A significant delay pushed the game’s release from last September all the way to September 27, bringing anticipation for the Souls-like hack-and-slasher to a fever pitch. We’re relieved to say you can finally experience Code Vein firsthand on PS4 and Xbox One with this free demo.

The demo sounds vaguely similar to Code Vein’s closed network test (opens in new tab) made available to a few lucky participants between May 30 and June 3, except the demo doesn’t include any multiplayer content. Basically, you’ll make your very own Remnant, experience the Ruined City Underground beginning area, and then play through the Depths dungeon until the boss. Notably, the demo version of the Depths dungeon isn’t the same as the Depths dungeon from the full retail version.

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