World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth guide – how to get secret pet Baal

World of Warcraft is a game full of secrets and easter eggs, and the freshly-released expansion Battle for Azeroth is no different. Among its many hidden hovels and cloistered crannies, you’ll find rare mounts, fancy gear, and more. One particular secret that has the WoW community excited is the secret battle pet, Baa’l. One look at this little guy and it’s easy to see why:

Aww, he’s so cute and evil-looking! Yes, with a demonic pun of a name and what might at first glance appear to be pentagrams dotted along his fur, this devil goat is quite unique among WoW’s battle pets. However, you won’t find or obtain this fiendish friend easily – there’s a hidden quest that will take you all over Battle for Azeroth’s new zones, and even a few places from past expansions as well.

We’ve laid out all the steps you’ll need to take below so that you can capture Baa’l and add him to your Pokede- I mean… pet journal.

Before we get started

DON’T SKIP THIS PART. Seriously. I know you want to get Baa’l as soon as possible, but there are a few things you’ll need before you start off on your journey, and taking care of these things now is going to save you a ton of headache. You’ll want:

A way to increase movement speed in or on water. One of the most popular solutions to this predicament is to have a Water Strider or aquatic mount, but some spells and potions can also increase your movement speed while traveling across bodies of water. Personally, I like the Feast of Fishes, which you can buy on the Auction House (or make yourself, if you’ve got the recipe). Eat it and you’ll turn into a fish for 5 minutes!

You’ll also likely want a way to slow your fall. A Goblin Glider Kit is an easy way to do this (buy them on the Auction House or craft them with Engineering), but again, depending on your class, you might have some spells or innate ability to slow your fall speed. For example, the Demon Hunter class is an excellent pick for this questline thanks to its double-jump and gliding abilities.

You will also need to be able to summon Uuna. A special “pet” (I put that in quotations because she’s more of a ghost companion) from Legion, Uuna is absolutely, 100% necessary to obtaining Baa’l. You literally cannot complete this chain if you or someone in the area does not have her. Fan site Wowhead (opens in new tab) has an excellent guide for this if you haven’t obtained her already. Be warned, it could take days for you to get her, as she’s a rare drop from an enemy you can only loot once per day, per character.

You should also consider downloading the TomTom (opens in new tab) add on. TomTom is super handy for getting around the world of Warcraft, as it’s essentially an in-game GPS, letting you place waypoints wherever you like. You can add this to your game manually or via the Twitch app. For convenience sake, I suggest the latter. Once you’ve got it, simply type “/way” followed by a space, followed by the coordinates you want (separated by another space) to generate a waypoint.

Time. Seriously, even being fully prepared, following this guide, and knowing exactly where to go, this secret quest is likely to eat up several hours of time. You’re in for the long haul on this one.

How to find Baa’l

To get to Baa’l, you’ll first need to find a hidden note and 13 pebbles (yes, pebbles) scattered across the world. He won’t even appear until you’ve found and right-clicked on all of them in order, so make sure to track your progress as you go. Your first stop is…

Note: Takulu Bridge, Nazmir (TomTom coordinates: 46 54)

Approach the Heart of Darkness in Nazmir from the northwest to find this rickety bridge.

Head across the bridge to the Heart of Darkness, and check the northwest face for a small note. You can simply jump to each ledge, but if you miss it’s a long way down, so this is where that Goblin Glider comes in handy. Interact with the note to begin.


Pebble 1: Drak’thul’s Hideout, Broken Shore (TomTom coordinates: 37 71)

Start your pebble hunt by heading to where Drak’thul, an Orc NPC, hangs out on the southwest edge of the Broken Shore.

Over on the stone table, you’ll find candles, a crystal ball, and other miscellania. One pebble, lighter colored than the rest, can be clicked on. Do so. Also, a note for this and future pebbles: searching for these in first-person will make your life 10x easier. 


Pebble 2: Hook Point, Boralus (TomTom coordinates: 49 40)

Underneath the dock you’ll see a fishing net strung up and covering a pile of seaweed. You can walk right through these to discover a secret cave.

The pebble is on the floor here – a bit tricky to spot, but not too hidden.

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