Wolfenstein The Boardgame and its amazing miniatures are heading to Kickstarter

A board game based on the Wolfenstein series of video games is about to hit Kickstarter. The company behind the project, Archon Studio, specializes in detailed and high-quality miniatures, and their expertise shows in the beautiful miniatures that come with each Wolfenstein The Boardgame set.

Just like the video games, players will control classic characters from the franchise like BJ Blazkowicz, Anya Oliwa, Set Roth, Max Hass, and Bombate to take down mecha and zombie Nazis, and ultimately find and destroy Adolf Hitler at Castle Wolfenstein.

The story is played out through 10 separate co-op missions, which you can experience individually or as one cohesive adventure. Each of the six heroes comes with their own skills you’ll need to take down nine distinct “regular enemies,” several mini-bosses, and finally the big-baddie himself, Mecha Hitler.

But the real star of the show at this stage in the game are the 50 meticulously-crafted minis included in the box. Campaign and project manager Michal Hartlinski spoke to Polygon (opens in new tab) about the top-notch in-house manufacturing at Archon Studio. “We are in fact the only company, apart from Games Workshop, that’s capable of creating miniatures for board games and war games in plastic in Europe. No one else can do this,” Hartlinski said.

Wolfenstein The Boardgame (opens in new tab) is expected to begin its Kickstarter campaign at some point later in 2020, and Archon Studio has their sights set on a retail release at a later date. GamesRadar’s resident board game enthusiast, Benjamin Abbott, will no doubt rejoice to hear.

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