Seven Day Geek: Star Wars Episode 7, Godzilla, Ant-Man, Han Solo, Guardians Of The Galaxy

A week is a very long time in the geekverse, with so many talking points it’d be hard for even a spaceship pilot (Solo / Kirk, take your pick) to keep up.

So, we’ve gathered all the week’s biggest geek news in one place, so that those aforementioned pilots can get on with the very serious business of saving the galaxy whilst making sarcastic remarks / smooching someone green.

We’d love to hear what you think of the below universe-shattering events, so comment your thoughts below, and we’ll see you next week!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Warm up the crowd Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


The Big Event

Another week, another bunch of dream-come-true Star Wars stories.

First, Disney confirmed the stand-alone Star Wars movies.

If the Han Solo and Boba Fett spin-off movies do happen, expect the Internet to explode with giddy joy at approximately the moment the first trailers hit.

After that, we’ll have to start going back to the cinema to see movie trailers, because all of our computers will have melted.

The news that there may be a Yoda movie didn’t cause quite as much excitement, but that’s only because people realised that 90 minutes of Yoda dialogue annoying will be.

Good Week To Be…

Godzilla . We imagine the big green guy is pretty happy that Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen have signed on to star opposite him in the upcoming reboot .

They’re both incredible actors, with great script taste. If they’re involved, it’s a pretty good indicator of the project’s quality.

Now, all G has to do is make sure he’s got a bigger trailer than Mothra, and he’s set.

Most Intriguing Story

JJ Abrams is rumoured to be setting up a big screen version of Half-Life .

When he’s finished that, he’ll probably make a Doctor Who movie, a Babylon 5 movie, and a sequel to Serenity .

That’s because he’s the new king of the geeks. All hail!

Marvel Round-Up

We’re just going to take a deep breath, because there’s a lot to get through here.

Hang on.

Okay, we’re ready.

Edgar Wright talked Ant-Man , and basically made it sound like the best thing in the world. We’re very, very excited about this one.

The Avengers will present an award at Oscars 2013 . We’re hoping it’s for Best Costume, and they all wear their super suits.

Speaking of The Avengers, it sounds like Hulk is going to get the greatest spin-off movie of all time . Better than even Caravan Of Courage , and we don’t say that lightly. Seriously Marvel, make this happen.

In Spider-Man news, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got a synopsis , and Marc Webb tweeted the first picture from the set .

In Marvel Phase 2 news, Emily VanCamp is rumoured to be playing a part in Captain America: The Winter Soldier , and Chris Pratt was confirmed as the lead of Guardians Of The Galaxy .

And in exclusive news, we talked to Rose Byrne about X-Men: Days Of Future Past .

Oh, and as we predicted last week, we got a new Iron Man 3 trailer .

Phew! Now, let’s see what DC are up to.

DC Round-Up

Nothing. Literally nothing. Come on DC! We believe in you!

Delightful Discovery Of The Week

A Star Wars fan created this amazing Episode VII poster.

C’mon Disney, give this person a job. Or at least a free lightsaber.

Bad News Of The Week

James Bond may be kicked off the set of The Girl Who Played With Fire .

If this happens we will be upset. Very Upset.

Good News Of The Week

Doctor Who has signed up to lead Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut.

Good for you, Mr Smith.

Oh, and while we’ve got you Matt – do you think you could talk Gosling into being the next Doctor? His outfit could be the scorpion jacket from Drive, and his companion could be Emma Stone. Just a thought!

If you like this sort of thing, then we heartily recommend’s weekly viral / meme round-up . It’s ace.

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