Geralts romance options get some love from the devs in next Witcher 3 patch

Oh, the woes of a Witcher in love; The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab): Wild Hunt features Yennefer of Vengerberg and Triss Merigold, two beautiful sorceresses chasing after Geralt’s heart. If matters of courtship and passion rank highly on your list of Witcher 3 features, good news: you’re about to get even more, as developer CD Projekt RED will soon release a patch that will add new dialogue and flesh out Geralt’s romance options.

So what brought this about? While Geralt can indeed sleep with both women on a single playthrough, the white-haired monster slayer for hire can only pick one as his true love. Turns out that just because a sorceress can break the laws of reality doesn’t mean she’s open-minded enough to be interested in a polyamorous relationship. Go figure.

Some members of #TeamTriss were particularly unhappy with how this love triangle is resolved, complaining to CD Projekt RED that their romance with the fiery redhead is less fulfilling than if Geralt chooses Yennefer. This week, Community Lead Marcin Momot announced (opens in new tab) that the update will be going live in the next patch (no release date was given).

Man, if only we could do this for all romance stories, huh? Then maybe Bella could end up with someone who appreciates her. I mean, uh … I don’t … What’s that behind you!? *runs away*

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