Who is the Iron Cat? Black Cat and Tony Stark team up to find out

Jed MacKay returns to the adventures of Felicia Hardy following the conclusion of his fan-favorite Black Cat title, with a new limited series that digs into a new mystery with ties to Felicia’s recent past – and to none other than Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Iron Cat #1

Iron Cat #1 main cover by Pere Pérez (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Back in Black Cat #11, Felicia Hardy came into possession of a suit of Stark armor which she dubbed the Iron Cat (designed by artist CF Villa). Naturally, Stark wasn’t having it, and after a hardcore fight, he took the armor back from Black Cat.

Now, the Iron Cat will resurface with an unknown new wearer in a self-titled five issue limited series from MacKay and artist Pere Pérez in which Felicia and Stark will have to team up to find out who’s under the armor.

Whoever it is, they’ve got some serious tricks up their sleeve, as Marvel’s announcement teases that the new Iron Cat has “a plan that will put them in the crosshairs of all the heroes of the Marvel Universe”. And what’s more, it will bring the ramifications of “mistakes” from Stark and Black Cat’s past back into their lives with devastating consequences.

Here’s a gallery of variant covers for Iron Cat #1, by Skan, Ron Lim, and John-Tyler Christopher:

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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but as always, satisfaction brings it back. It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to the ongoing Black Cat series last year, but now what would have been the next arc in that series lives on in its own right – Iron Cat!” MacKay states in the announcement.

“The fan-favorite Iron Cat armor returns… but who’s in it this time? It certainly isn’t Felicia Hardy, as the Iron Cat comes gunning for her right off the bat. It’s a rare pleasure to have a second chance to pick up a story that you thought lost, and I’m really excited for people to rejoin Pere and I on another Black Cat adventure!”

Iron Cat #1 is due out in June.

Speaking of who’s wearing armor, read up all of the people who have worn Iron Man’s armor over the years.

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