Warner Bros refutes Dark Knight Rises audio tweak

Yesterday we reported that Christopher Nolan had listened to the widespread complaints over sound issues with The Dark Knight Rises prologue and had issued a new audio mix to participating cinemas. However, Warner Bros are now claiming that no such tweak was ever made…

Collider are reporting that their source’s information was incorrect, after Warner Bros contacted the site to say that their original story was entirely untrue.

The confusion appears to have arisen over the fact that some IMAX cinemas were given a digital file to play on an analogue system. Furthermore, Warner is at pains to point out that this digital delivery would not have altered any background noise, or indeed, Bane’s delivery.

Warner’s anxiety to clear up the misunderstanding is probably due to a fear of annoying Nolan, who had hitherto been clear that he had no intentions of tinkering with Bane’s dialogue.

In any case, the long and the short of it seems to be that the way we heard Bane’s lines in the prologue will be the way we here them in the finished article. Remember to pack your ear trumpet when The Dark Knight Rises arrives in UK cinemas on 20 July 2012.

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