Vecna actor teases the characters endgame in Stranger Things

Vecna is now firmly positioned as Stranger Things’ Big Bad heading into the fifth (and final) season. Now, actor Jamie Campbell Bower has outlined a little of what to expect from the monstrous villain. Spoilers: it’s not good news for Hawkins – and beyond.

In his own warped way, Vecna aims to make the world “1,000 times better” Bower told TVLine (opens in new tab). “His experience has led him to this point of believing — actually, knowing, not necessarily believing — that people present a falsity and this world is just full of liars. He really wants to change that for the greater good.”

Viewers got a taste of Vecna’s grand plans during the closing moments of Stranger Things season 4. There, legions of the Upside Down began invading Hawkins and, despite Vecna’s seeming ‘death’, it appears he’ll be the one leading the charge and aiming to create a new world in his image.

One theory, however, suggests Vecna might have some twisted company in the upcoming season. Max, who was left blind and comatose by Vecna, has seemingly been consumed by the villain. “This is probably the best Stranger Things theory I’ve heard yet,” the theorist said on TikTok (opens in new tab). “When Eleven looks into Max’s mind, it’s blank… nothing… but Max isn’t truly gone.”

They continued, “When [Vecna/One/Henry] killed all the kids at the lab, he literally said, ‘They aren’t gone Eleven, they’re still with me in here’.” The implication being, then, that Max may have suffered a fate worse than death – but could still find a way out of Vecna’s clutches.

Stranger Things season 5 is set to be the show’s last. The Duffer Brothers have also confirmed writing is set to begin in August. While we wait for one final trip to The Upside Down, be sure to check out our spoiler-filled breakdown of the Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 ending.

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