Uncharted adap loses director David O Russell


Mark Wahlberg and David O Russell won’t be teaming up for videogame adaptation Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune .

Instead, the pair has decided to make a different adaptation together – this one a movie version of the novel The Silver Livings Playbook .

Wahlberg will play a delusional ex-teacher who has just spent four years in a mental asylum. When he’s released into his mother’s care, he attempts to woo back his ex-wife.

Russell signed on to the film a couple of weeks back, which means his departure from Uncharted isn’t massively unexpected – though it is surprising considering how excited he was about the film.

At present, Wahlberg is still attached to star in Uncharted as the titular Nathan Drake. But considering he also has a whole host of projects currently demanding his time, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he dropped Uncharted as well.

Sony has now hired a new writer for the videogame adaptation, and is pushing forward with the project.

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