Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator exposed in Making-Of video

The Gadget Show, a British series dedicated to all things techie and geektastic, has released a behind-the-scenes video documenting how its team constructed the massive, so-good-it’s-almost-real, ‘Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator’ that debuted on this week’s episode. Hold up—you’ve never seen The Gadget Show’s massive, so-good-it’s-almost-real ‘Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator’? Cancel your plans for the next twenty minutes, because this is going to require your full attention:

As demonstrated, the BF3 simulator utilizes a motion tracking paintball gun, moving floors, big-ass screens, and physical feedback to create a gaming environment so lifelike it may or have may not tricked its trained military tester.

Incredible, right? Unfortunately, the entire rig would likely set you back about a few years pay, and that’s assuming you’d have the technical know-how and space to put it together in your living room. So for everyone one else without a production budget and a crew of experts, you’ll have to make do with a big TV, a cheap treadmill, and a partner who’s willing to jab you with a broom handle every time you get shot in-game. We wouldn’t recommend this set-up, we’re just saying there are options.

Oct 26, 2011

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