UFC Undisputed 3 will have various DLC content at launch including menu backgrounds

During a recent hands-on with THQ’s upcoming UFC Undisputed 3, the developers talked a little bit about how the game’s menus have been entirely redesigned. Instead of having the menu icons appear over generic wallpapers, this iteration of the fighting franchise will pan over different high-resolution pictures of fighters. While the game will, obviously, ship with a number of different backgrounds, THQ says that it plans to offer additional image packs after launch, which will be made available as downloadable content.

Above: The game’s menus look like this, but with things written over it.

Different images packs will be available, including highlights from big fights updated after UFC PPV fights. They also mentioned that there will be a “Ring girl pack” that they expect will be their best seller – which sounds about right.

We reached out to THQ for more information and pricing, but they didn’t offer any additional information. Instead, a representative told us that “we can confirm that there will be various DLC content available when the game is released on 2/14. We can’t really comments on the prices or other details.” This could technically be anything, though it likely means that the game fill feature pre-order bonuses, retailer-exclusive gifts, or, as was the case with the last game, an online pass.

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