Twisted Metal: Jaffe appeals to players for help with the box art

David Jaffe, designer of 1995’s Twisted Metal and director of its 2012 PS3 relaunch (and overseeing God of War in between), has unveiled the artwork for the game’s box-front – but he’s not so sure what to put on the rest of the cover. Series mascot Sweet Tooth’s big flaming scary-clown-head and some smashed-up cars are a no-brainer, but how to fill the remaining 50%? Maybe you’d like to help.

It’s a given that Twisted Metal will be returning to redefine destruction and mayhem, but should it do so against the backdrop of a flaming cityscape? Some tasteful rubble, or a sexy Dollface pose? Or some combination of the above? Jaffe’s currently displaying all the options on his blog (opens in new tab), alongside a poll to help decide the best candidate. You won’t win anything if you choose wisely… aside, we suppose, from enticing more players, with whom you can then match-up when the title’s released in February of next year.

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