Those We Sadly Lost In 2012

So many great names have crossed the final frontier into the undiscovered country in 2012. Thank you one and all for your massive contributions to science fiction and fantasy. You’ll be sorely missed but your work will live on, to be appreciated by – an inspiration for – countless generations to come…

Compiled by: Steve O’Brien


Richard Alf

Died: 4 January, aged 59
Co-founder, San Diego Comic Con

Dick Tufeld

Died: 22 January, aged 85
Voice artist, Robot on Lost In Space

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Sam Youd, aka John Christopher

Died: 3 February, aged 89
Author, The Tripods

Bill Hinzman

Died: 5 February, aged 75
Actor, Night Of The Living Dead

John Severin

Died: 12 February, aged 90
Silver Age comic book artist, Hulk , The Punisher

Richard Carpenter

Died: 26 February, aged 82
TV writer, creator of Catweazle and Robin Of Sherwood

Sheldon Moldoff

Died: 29 February, aged 91
Golden Age comic book artist, Batman , Action Comics

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Ralph McQuarrie

Died: 3 March, aged 82
Conceptual designer and illustrator, Star Wars , Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Philip Madoc

Died: 5 March, aged 77
British character actor with multiple appearances in Doctor Who (including the second Dalek film), multiple appearances in The Avengers , plus roles in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) , UFO , Survivors and Space: 1999. For all that, he’s probably best known for a one-off non-SF role, as a German U-boat captain in an episode of Dad’s Army .

Jean Giraud, aka Moebius

Died: 10 March, aged 73
French comic book artist and film production designer, Tron , Alien

Warren Stevens

Died: 27 March, aged 92
Actor, Forbidden Planet , Star Trek

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Jonathan Frid

Died: 14 April, aged 87
Actor, Barnabas Collins in the original Dark Shadows

KD Wentworth

Died: 18 April, aged 61
Author, Moonspeaker , House Of Moons

Joel Goldsmith

Died: 29 April, aged 54
Composer (son of Jerry), Stargate SG-1 and spin-offs

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Tony DeZuniga

Died: 11 May, aged 79
Comic book artist, co-creator of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid

Ernie Chan

Died: 16 May, aged 71
Comic artist, Conan the Barbarian , Batman , Detective Comics

Matthew Yuricich

Died: 28 May, aged 89
Special effects artist, Field Of Dreams , Close Encounters Of The Third Kind , Blade Runner

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Ray Bradbury

Died: 5 June, aged 91
Author, The Martian Chronicles , The Illustrated Man , Fahrenheit 451

Caroline John

Died: 5 June, aged 71
Actress, Doctor Who (Liz Shaw)

Robert L Washington

Died: 7 June, aged 47
Comic book writer, co-creator of Static

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Ernest Borgnine

Died: 8 July, aged 95
Actor, The Black Hole , Escape from New York , Gattaca

Richard D Zanuck

Died: 13 July, aged 77
Producer, Dark Shadows , Alice in Wonderland , Clash Of The Titans

Morgan Paull

Died: 17 July aged 67
Actor, Blade Runner

Mary Tamm

Died: 26 July, aged 62
Actress, Doctor Who (first Romana)

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Carlo Rambaldi

Died: 10 August, aged 86
Special effects artist, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial , Alien

Harry Harrison

Died: 15 August, aged 87
Author, The Stainless Steel Rat books

Josepha Sherman

Died: 23 August, aged 65
Author, The Shining Falcon , The Invisibility Factor

Neil Armstrong

Died: 25 August, aged 82

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Winrich Kolbe

Died: September, aged 71
TV director, Star Trek: The Next Generation , Deep Space Nine , Voyager , Enterprise

Michael Clarke Duncan

Died: 3 September, aged 54
Actor, The Green Mile , Daredevil, Armageddon, Sin City

John Coates

Died: 16 September, aged 84
Film producer, The Snowman

Michael O’Hare

Died: 28 September, aged 60
Actor, Babylon 5

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Marc Swayze

Died: 14 October, aged 99
Golden Age comic book artist, Captain Marvel , etc

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Kevin O’Donnell Jr

Died: 7, November, aged 61
Author and former chairman, Nebula Awards

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Sir Patrick Moore

Died: 9 December, aged 89
Astronomer and Doctor Who guest star

Gerry Anderson

Died: 26 December, aged 83
TV producer, creator of Thunderbirds , Stingray , Captain Scarlet , UFO , Dick Spanner , Space: 1999 and loads of others.

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