The Xbox Series X looks huge, even next to Master Chief

During the second day of Game Stack Live, we got an extended look at the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) standing next to real-life people, including an impressive Master Chief cosplayer, and it looks even bigger than expected.

We’ve seen just about every angle of the nondescript rectangular console before, but it’s nice seeing the console just hanging out in a casual setting. Turns out, there were no surprises hiding behind the filters and angles seen in promotional shots – the Xbox Series X is really just a big ol’ box. And shorn of the grandeur imposed by giant screens used in presentations, the new console still looks freakin’ massive in a real-life setting.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Of course, there was a lot of talking going on as the Xbox Series X sat beside the speakers, patiently, inevitably stealing the show. Mostly, the talk was spec-focused and zeroed in on the importance of cloud gaming and Project xCloud going into next gen. But there were also some interesting tidbits about the design and development of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald revealed that the design of the Xbox Series X was “directly influenced by 3D printables,” and that the console has been in development since 2016, before the Xbox One X released in 2017. It’s no surprise then that Microsoft has so much to say about their new home console. Contrastingly, we’d barely heard a peep about the rivaling PS5 until today.

You might’ve heard a lot about SSDs today, so here’s a handy breakdown of what the switch from HDD to SSD means for next-gen gaming (opens in new tab).

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